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Weekly Review


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In my opinion, this is one of the most crucial aspect of the GTD method, but also one of the most exhausting.

I generally spend about 1h of fully focused time per week doing the weekly review.

After that time, I generally feel tired1 (I even need a few minutes to rest before doing something else), but I feel like I am back on cruise control.

I understand why people feel like not doing it, but I realized that it is (for me) one of the things that is necessary to makes the gtd method really worth practicing.

David Allen advises to have this review on Friday to get to the week end with a clean mind. He compares this to the fact most people make sure things are under control before going on vacations (see how you feel relaxed then?), except here, he suggests we do this every week.

But there is no silver bullet here and the weekly review depends a lot on who does it. It might even not be weekly. David Allen advises to do a weekly review every time you feel you need it to relieve the cognitive stress out of your mind.

three steps of the weekly review to be on cruise control

  1. be clear
  2. be current
  3. be creative

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  1. no wonder why people tend to avoid the weekly review ↩︎