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Trusted System != Trusted Software


trusted system != trusted software misconceptions about gtd,

To me, a trusted system is the aggregation of

  1. a trusted software,
  2. routines (like the weekly review),
  3. intellectual honesty,

Somehow, confusing both may for some time reach the goal of reducing the cognitive load, because you might believe that everything is under cruise control. After some time though, you will likely realize that stuffs not only don’t get done, but also stack up and make the software unusable to the point of creating much cognitive resistance using it.

For example, “clean the kitchen sink” might go in a context @kitchen and never be done, because:

  1. you actually never are in the kitchen,
  2. or you never think about looking at this list when in the kitchen,
  3. or if you look at it, you don’t feel like doing it,

Routines like the weekly review help you identify such issues and intellectual honesty helps you realize that you have to adapt your system.

About the kitchen sink cleaning, you might either:

  1. find out this is not that important (dichotomy of control),
  2. adapt your contexts so that they fit your habit (context ninja),
  3. plan the task in another context (in my case, it might be something like “plan some time to clean the kitchen sink” in @orgfiles),

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