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If You Are Not Committed, Don't Put the Task if Your Gtd System


if you are not committed, don’t put the task if your trusted system.

While trying to implement gtd, I have several projects/tasks that are never handled. During the weekly review, I generally find a match with one of my horizons of focus, but still, they won’t go on. After some investigation, I generally find out that I am not appropriately engaged. Those tasks/projects are generally stuff I wish to do or someone might wish I could do, but without clear commitment. I think this is why those task slip away and pollute my system.

I decide to follow David Allen’s lead on being appropriately engaged and put those in maybe list, in separate notes, like interesting project, so that my trusted system remains trusted and continues showing only relevant stuffs.

After all, the trusted system is meant to let you be on cruise control, and showing irrelevant stuff contradicts this objective.

I must put in my system stuff that I know I will do (because I am appropriately engaged), and in maybe list stuffs I don’t know I will do.