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Learn to Forget


To have things into cruise control and have a clear mind, you need to let go of some thoughts sometimes. Having a trusted system help you decide what stuff to forget.

But even then, you might experience the fear of missing out. It takes some self-discipline to acknowledge that some stuff can be let go after all.

Using a trusted system allow you to forget and feel confident about it. Without a trusted system, your brain will try and spend energy to remember those so that they are in your mind when needed (cognitive load). With a trusted system, you can at will refresh your loaded cognition and let your reticular system warn you when you feel there is something relevant that need you to get another look at it. In other words, without a trusted system, your brain will always try to have stuff loaded in memory. With a trusted system, you decide what and when you load in memory, making it a more pleasant experience.

a trusted system is like the swap of your brain

With an analogy to computers, the trusted system, is like the swap data, you can use your RAM (cognitive load) to deal with what you have at hand and trust the system to get back memories when needed. Without the swap, you miss things that you care about and are not 100% focused (by analogy, this would be programs crashing or behaving strangely).

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