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How to Train Myself to "Engage" From My System, Not My Head.


How to train myself to “engage” from my system, not my head.

[2021-02-02 Tue 22:17]

Every time you get a cup of coffee or take a drink of water or come back from using the toilet make a point of reading at least one action list. Every time you finish a task, take a look at the action list for the context you are in. In the morning, first thing at least read your entire set of action lists once through. If you can’t read fast enough or the lists are too long to get through in less than 2-3 minutes then figure out how to reduce them.

[2021-02-02 Tue 22:18]

Incompleteness happens for two reasons.

  1. I haven’t captured a bunch of things
  2. I’ve let my lists get stale because of a lack of weekly review

See the weekly review.

[2021-02-02 Tue 22:18]

find that if I start losing trust in my system, i won’t check it but when i have trust, i feel like i need to check it

fall of the wagon