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Maybe List Helps Make Ideas Grow


maybe list helps make ideas grow

Sometimes, when a subject looks took complicated to be done in parallel with my other commitments, I just put it in the maybe list.

I realized that I tend to rephrase this subject each time I review it in the weekly review. I often eventually find out that either the idea was not so good after all and trash it, or it was not so complicated and one almost obvious solution came to mind.

So this is something very powerful about the maybe list, it allows the idea not to pollute my cognitive load in my day to day work, but somehow it is still growing in the background of my mind so that I eventually do something about this idea.

I guess this also allows to avoid the temptation of working right away on the idea by fear of forgetting it, this temptation having two bad side effects:

  1. it tends to make you fall of the wagon,
  2. you likely waste time on it while after some time of letting it grow, an easy, elegant or efficient solution would naturally come to mind, you have great ideas in the shower.

I guess this can be linked to spaced repetition techniques in which the repetition helps the brain remember.