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Talks with Brian Robertson:

Link with continuous improvement, where you take baby steps, inspect and adapt. It is a system that work with tensions instead of preventing them, with everyone being empowered in a distributed autocracy decision making.

often the system is perfectly designed to generate the result it did.

people should not be pissed off if boundaries are clear in holacracy

If someone does something without warning anyone or asking permission and if people are pissed of, chances are this is not an autocracy. People in holacracy are responsible and autonomous in their boundaries.

— what I remember of https://youtu.be/YtTvHyf__L4

often the system is perfectly designed to generate the result it did

time text
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1083.359s often the system is perfectly
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1086.929s designed to generate the result it did. And it looks at a
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1090.679s surface level like somebody screwed up. But if we if we
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1093.709s really look at the overall system, the information flows,
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1096.679s the processes, what information they had, what expectations were
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1100.429s clear to the person that looks like they screwed up, when you
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1103.339s see all of that often, not always. But often. I think what
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1107.059s reveals itself is this is not a performance problem. It’s a
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1111.469s system problem. And yet, when we don’t have the language and the
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1115.879s tools and the framework for looking at it, and figuring out
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1119.449s the system and evolving the system, right, all of the flows
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1123.679s of information and expectations and processes and roles. And
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1127.099s when we can’t see all that what we tend to do is jump to
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1130.639s somebody screwed up because it looks like that when we have a
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1133.519s simpler view on it. So I’m not saying there aren’t genuine
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1137.479s performance problems, there certainly are. But in my
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1140.059s experience, I’d say over 90% of what I see most managers and
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1143.899s executives thinking of as performance problems are not in
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1147.169s my view their system problems. And it’s a really easy way out
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1150.619s to think of it as a performance problem. But the challenge is
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1153.589s it’s likely to repeat even if you get rid of that person,
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1156.859s right? You’re not actually solving the root issue. If you
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1159.769s treat a system problem as a performance problem.


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