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Build a Self-Managed Organization With Holacracy


build a Self-Managed Organization with Holacracy

Brian Robertson explains that the more we let people decide and give them freedom, the more we need to be clear about the rules and the roles.

It needs to have a lot of structure that ensure that the good person can take the good decision. This structure needs to be very agile in the sense it has to change very fast and very often.

If you don’t know your limits, you don’t know your freedom. If you don’t know what you cannot do, you don’t know what you can do.

— what I remember of

It is said that one of the golden rules of holacracy is that you do whatever you want as long as there is no rule that goes against it.

Also, there are governance meetings in which suggestions are accepted by default. You have to oppose a decision for it not to be adopted.

Not even the CEO gives order. If the CEO says that we should do something, it is perfectly normal for the person in charge of the role to answer « thank you for your advice, I will take it into account » instead of « ok, I’ll obey you »

Linked to the main invisible d’Adam Smith, where from several people working independently come to something bigger than themselves.

Often, when the purpose of the company is unclear, the role of the manager is to palliate this.

If you don’t know your limits, your don’t know your freedom.

It is a autocratic structure.

It is discouraged to create roles at first. The idea of holacracy is that the roles will emerge from the holacracy governance meetings that will deal with the tensions.

It is about being aware of the tension and have a process to deal with them, by (among other things) creating, splitting or removing roles.

The structure is like a living organism that the collaborators are the caretaker. The organism evolves with the purpose as a fitness function.

Holacracy does not fix tensions, it make the system adapt to them. There is no problem in holacracy, only tensions that needs to be identified, taken into account and absorbed.

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