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Robert Haisfield

Rules provides a feeling of control

– what I remember of

Makes me think of holacracy, in particular this quote

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https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1619.609s I think people
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1622.489s intuitively know there are limits, there are boundaries,
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1625.819s there are things that they shouldn’t do, right without
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1628.489s checking with someone. And often in organizations, those aren’t
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1631.639s clear. And so often, then they hold back, they don’t want to
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1635.539s get in trouble. They don’t want to, you know, rock the boat,
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1637.639s they don’t want to get someone mad at them or get their team
https://youtu.be/2CNri-90bmw&t=1639.589s upset or whatever.