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Gtd and Holacracy


To me, before listening to this video, it is useful to have a good background about gtd and have read or listened about holacracy and understand the concept of tension, of purpose driven organisation, etc.

Brian Robertson describes holacracy as an extension of the gtd principle from one individual to a group. David Allen expresses the fact that people working together and already using gtd would apply holacracy without even knowing it. He realizes that holacracy brings gtd behavior to people not already gtd practitioners.

But, it was mentioned that for people to use efficiently holacracy, they should have a gtd state of mind, like wanting to be clear about you commitments and a will to put stuff out of your mind so that you have a clear mind.

Also, it was indicated that, counter-intuitively, holacracy has way more rules than the other methods. Those rule make very clear the limitations so that people can feel their degrees of freedom and focus on what they do. On the contrary, in other organisations, where rules are vague, people cannot move that efficiently because they have a hard time knowing who is supposed to do what.

Also, holacracy is described as a way to think about roles rather than people, making much clearer what role is supposed to do what even before discussing who is fulfilling what role.

Then, the roles are not some old obscure top-down descriptions with vague commitments, but living things that are thought about all the time to embrace the changes that naturally happen in a company. The notion of role eventually makes sense thanks to holacracy.

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