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Trying to Dry My Filaments to Find Out Whether They Are Wet


tag: learning 3D printing

I tried to print raspberri 3B+ case with my white filament and realized the result was not very good. The filament oozed. Plus, it broke, leaving a small part into the printer.

That’s curious, the filament does not seem bad when simply extruded.

cleaning the nozzle

After cleaning, the white filament still extruded normally.

trying to dry the green filament using the oven (50°C and 4h)

When extruding, it is quite slow and makes crackling sounds.

After the cleaning, it extruded much better,

But it broke at the first print I tried…

still quite wet

Now, it still makes crackling sounds and results in poor prints, for instance the lr1130 holder came totally messed up while it was nice with another filament.

trying with 60°C and 4h

And then trying to print again the lr1130 holder.

Still wrong…

I don’t have a temperature sensor. I guess my oven is not as hot as indicated.

trying with 70°C and 4h

Now, the filament is very brittle. I guess it is just dead.

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