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The Brain of Konubinix

TL;DR: Navigate through my random notes and thoughts and see the connections

Since I discovered org-roam, I tend to use it to write most of my thoughts, ideas and references. I decided to publish some of my notes, so that I can easily redirect people to my way of thinking rather than explain the same thing several times.

I call it my braindump, because it feels to me like it behave kind of like a brain, showing associations of ideas growing organically rather than following a structure.

The notes are pieces of thoughts, written by myself to myself. So most of this content is likely not to be understood by some other brain, but I decided it was fun to publish it anyway and maybe someone will find something interesting in there.

This content is mostly subjective, since it contains personal thoughts. On the other hand, I try to source information as often as I can.

The index is sorted by last edit, to reflect the fact that the more recent ideas are generally the one on top of my mind (my is my braindump so messy?).

When I have something more structured to write or directly addressing a virtual audience, I put it in my blog.

If you ever feel lost in my thoughts, you can click on the little brain icon () to go back in the index.

Also, there is now the brain map, based on this excellent post.

Have fun!

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