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Remembrance Agent: A Continuously Running Automated Information Retrieval System


Remembrance Agent: A continuously running automated information retrieval system

[2021-02-07 Sun 22:53]

Remembrance Agent

[2021-02-07 Sun 22:37]

The Remembrance Agent (RA) is a program which augments human memory by displaying a list of documents which might be relevant to the user’s current context. Unlike most information retrieval systems, the RA runs continuously without user intervention. Its unobtrusive interface allows a user to pursue or ignore the RA’s suggestions as desired.

[2021-02-07 Sun 22:47]

Remembrance Agent (RA) is broken into two parts. A front end continuously watches what the user types and reads, and sends this information to the back end. The back end finds old email, notes files, and on-line documents which are somehow relevant to the user’s context. This information is then displayed by the front end in a way which doesn’t distract from the user’s primary task