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Reticular Activating System


Mentionned in gtd, supposedly the region of the brain that controls the associations of ideas.

gtd is about creating a trusted system that allow you to relax and forget things (because you trust the system for showing them to you at the right time). It still relies on the power of the brain to find associations when given the right stimuli.

This could be seen as a possible reason to believe in the idea that positive thinking brings positive experience as in a very weak version of the law of attraction, without the paranormal aspect. Indeed, thinking about stuffs primes the reticular activating system, that in turns is likely to notice others related stuffs. It seems reasonable that thinking about positive stuff will make us notice more positive other stuffs that will in turn give more opportunities for positive experiences. Only the framing effect and the survivorship bias could be enough to make us believe that our experiences are positive.

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