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Make Sure You Have Good Reasons to Believe You Undertand What You Criticize


make sure you have good reasons to believe you undertand what you criticize

We all have intuitions about the meaning of pretty much anything. Often, those intuitions tell nice stories that we tend to believe (heuristic, cognitive ease).

Though, only using those to make a critics most likely leads to black or white fallacy or straw man fallacy. Often, stuff are more complicated and nuanced.

Therefore, while I think it is totally ok to have a biased opinion about something, I also believe that this opinion should be supported by epistemic modesty and whatever critic we want to make about the stuff should come with some research/attempt to get more of the realistic truth.

Some might say that it takes time and effort to do this. I totally agree, and this advice is not about digging into subjects. It is more about considering that criticizing and digging into a subject should go together. If you don’t want to make the effort to dig into a subject, please nuance your opinion and by all means avoid criticizing. Or, make sure you explain clearly the (most likely) biased model of the world you are criticizing.

On the other hand, if you clearly think there is room for criticizing, then please consider taking the time and effort to make this critic educated.

I think that doing otherwise only serve creating semantic debates, hooligan sémantique.

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