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Keyring vs Wallet


keyring vs wallet

IRL, money is stored into safes or vaults in a bank, or inside wallets. Wallets can also store cards that have cryptography keys allowing to order money transfer to the bank. The virtual association between you and the money in the bank is called a bank account and its history is inside a ledger. In case you store money in a vault, you may have a key in a keyring.

In blockchain ecosystem, money is stored inside the distributed system and its history is called a ledger.

A wallet is a tool that stores the keys that allow you to order transfers in the blockchain account.

hashicorp vault is a tool to store the keys that you can make use of to perform transfer orders. In that sense, it is a keyring.

A ledger nano is a tool that allow you to perform order on you account, therefore, it is more of a card than a wallet.

A HD-Wallet is a tool that allow you to perform orders, using several keys derived from a master key. It may well be called a wallet, as an aggregator of cards.