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Gtd == Stop the Voices in Your Head to Focus on the Task at Hand


the first principle of gtd: stop the voices in your head.

Those are the way your brain has to mitigate the fact that:

  1. there is something that you consider important and therefore must not be forgotten,
  2. your brain will forget it if you stop thinking about it,

You can try to fool your brain by allowing to forget, but if you actually consider the thing important, it will come back later. You eventually have to fight against your own brain ability to keep fresh what is important.

To avoid those, you should have a system that takes care of 1. and 2. and that leaves your brain in piece.

gtd is about capture every single thing what has your attention, associating them with whatever is important to you. It then provides a process to keep those fresh and current. That way, knowing that there is a trusted system that deals with 1. and 2., your brain can relay and you can sleep like a log (or focusing on whatever you are doing right now).

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