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Don't Confuse an Implementation and the Method


I always see people starting creating gantt chart at the beginning of a project and leave it rot afterwards. I think those confused the project planning method and the gantt chart tool, used in the method, may be believing that using the tool would bring the benefit of the method.

Yet, the method generally requires much more time and energy than simply using the tool. And the products of the tool must be updated on a regular basis.

So, please, when considering using a tool, like a gantt chart, consider:

  • either committing to keeping it updated and following the method,
  • or simply let it go and don’t waste your time with it.

The method and the tools are complementary. Having a good method is often useless if you don’t have the appropriate tools at hand. But having good tools won’t help if you don’t apply a good method.

I think that we sometimes focus of the tools and that makes us feel good, so we don’t realize we also need a method to get things done.

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