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Bambulab A1 Mini


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How to Clear Broken Filament from the Bambu Lab A1 mini | AMS Lite Filament Hub - YouTube

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My first prints

printer integrates a camera used for spaghetti detection (to be supported in future firmware updates)


[2024-04-21 Sun] printing again the printable playing card holder

with no brim, it worked like a charm

[2024-04-21 Sun] treasure chest for the karuba game

This was much better

[2024-04-21 Sun] the flute that comes with it


[2024-04-20 Sat] printing the helicopter toy that comes with it





[2024-04-19 Fri] the bed scraper that comes with the given blade

The result was quite good. The blade and the screws came in it quite easily.

[2024-04-19 Fri] the basic bed scraper

I realized that the filament was wet, yet I left it to find out how the printer would perform. It did quite a good job, considering the filament quality.

bambu handy


purge wiper

A1 mini’s purge wiper is used to efficiently process the waste material ejected from the nozzle to ensure a continuous and smooth printing process


nozzle wiper

silicone wiper nozzle is used to clean the residual filament on the nozzle


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