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Area of Focus


See horizons of focus.

At those level, the commitments are reactive. They are trigger list so that I can consult them and realize I want to add projects to maintain those standards.

On the contrary, commitments at the action level (project and actions) are proactive. They are to be done and I need to act to do them.

Horizon 2: Areas of focus and accountability

What’s your job? Driving the creation of a lot of your projects are the four to seven major areas of responsibility that you at least implicitly are going to be held accountable to have done well, at the end of some time period, by yourself if not by someone else (e.g. boss.) With a clear and current evaluation of what those areas or responsibility are, and what you are (and are not) doing about them, there are likely new projects to be created, and old ones to be eliminated.

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