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Zettelkasten and Junk Notes


I capture a lot of stuff in my zettelkasten. I assume that this is a way to have zettelkasten make serendipity easier.

Writing everything creates a lot of stupid thoughts, but in the end some of them are valuable and they are made so that I can get to them easily. Some of them are apparently junk, but linked to other thoughts, provided by my conversation partner, they actually become valuable.

I guess that my zettelkastion is like my brain, with a lot of stuff going on. The main difference is that the zettelkasten should never forget and provide an easier way to index, find and connect thoughts to see emerge greater topics.

I think this is also related to capture every single thing what has your attention so that you can see what really has your attention. Capturing my thoughts, even the apparently stupid ones, allows to free my mind of them and decide on what I want to focus my mind.

In my experience, when using my conversation partner, junk notes barely get in my way, because I don’t think about them and therefore they are not shown to me by the system. When some actually gets into my way, I evaluate it. If it is old, unconnected and/or that brings no new useful information that I can see, I can decide to get rid of it.

Like a rubber duck, the zettelkasten allows externalizing stuff out of my head and clarify my thoughts.

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