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Why Does My Model Shift


tag: learning 3D printing While trying to print the cœurs connectés, I had a hard time having the basement.

It is strange, as the model is quite simple.

The possible reasons that come to mind.

  1. I changed one fan: possibly bad cooling? The probe appears to say that the temperature is stable
  2. Bed badly leveled, Hard to say if it correctly leveled, as leveling the bed is in general quite subjective. It appears fine to me..
  3. something with the rod?
  4. something with the belt? Pinching with the fingers. It does bot appears too tensed or too loose. Visual control shows no issue with the material itself.
  5. printing too fast (60 mm.s-1) Printed with 30 mm.s-1 -> fixed it!
  6. Something with the axes that need lubricating? Added lubricant -> no change
  7. Something strange in the generated gcode The preview of cura does not show anomalies. Trying with the suction cup hook that worked earlier
  8. I’m using a new filament, something with the filament? I tried with an old filament that never showed this issue -> no change

The culprit appeared to be the print speed. I know remember that in my attempt to fix the warping issue, I increased the speed to have faster results…

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