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When Emacs Slack Fails Because of a Link to a Unavailable Channel


when emacs slack fails because of a link to a unavailable channel

(cl-defmethod slack-block-to-string ((this slack-rich-text-channel-element) option)
  (let ((team (plist-get option :team))
        (id (oref this channel-id)))
    (unless team
      (error "`slack-rich-text-channel-element' need team as option"))

    (let (
          (room (slack-room-find id team))
      (propertize (format "#%s" (if room
                                    (slack-room-name room team)
                                  " broken link because unavailable"
                  'room-id id
                  'keymap slack-channel-button-keymap
                  'face 'slack-channel-button-face)