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What Is the Difference Between Scrum and Agile?


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YDS: What is the difference between Scrum and Agile? - YouTube

https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=0.9s [Music]
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=3.28s all right
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=3.919s welcome to today’s episode of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=7.12s your daily scrum i’m professional scrum
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=8.88s trainer ryan ripley this gentleman over
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=10.96s here
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=11.36s is professional scrum trainer todd
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=13.04s miller that character in the back is
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=15.04s grogu what’s up grogan
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=17.76s he says howdy partner there we go howdy
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=20.64s partner today
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=22s uh this is the show that we hope brings
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=25.519s a lot of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=26.4s insight and answers to your scrum
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=28.16s practices we take a lot of anti-patterns
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=29.84s we take a lot of questions we flip them
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=31.279s upside down
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=32.239s and help you do scrum a little bit
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=33.68s better and so today’s question todd is a
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=36.88s i think this is more of a kind of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=38.559s informational one than more of a how-to
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=40.559s but it’s a question we get
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=42.719s especially in the leadership class but
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=44.559s this one comes up quite a bit
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=46s in uh i think the scrum master course as
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=48s well
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=49.2s what is the difference between agile and
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=52.079s scrum
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=53.28s um what do you think um so
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=56.399s i i think that uh if if i
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=59.6s may use my example of dogs right
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=62.96s and so if you think of a dog uh a dog is
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=65.76s a
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=66.4s type of animal right uh well there’s
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=68.96s different species of dogs
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=70.88s right so as we’ve all seen ginger in the
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=73.119s background who
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=74.159s maybe she’ll show up yes we’re talking
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=76.159s about this um
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=78s uh ginger is a great dane hound mix
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=81.04s right so and then you have uh different
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=83.68s types of dogs you have a
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=85.6s basset hound you have um you know a
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=88.4s golden retriever
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=89.68s so think of agile as a dog and think of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=92.479s scrum as a type
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=93.6s right uh and i think that’s maybe a good
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=96.079s place to get this started uh
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=97.759s scrum is a agile framework right
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=101.119s there are other different kinds of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=102.399s frameworks and methodologies and methods
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=104.72s that are considered to be agile scrum is
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=107.6s a type
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=108.399s of agile i’ll start with that what do
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=110.72s you think
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=111.759s yeah i i tend to agree with you todd i
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=113.759s think it i like the way you use the dog
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=115.68s analogy
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=116.64s agile is kind of like the umbrella i
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=119.68s like the umbrella but
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=120.88s i think the dog analogy works great too
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=123.28s and scrum and lean and kanban and
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=125.36s extreme programming and crystal and
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=127.52s and all of those other frameworks and
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=129.2s methodologies fall underneath
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=131.44s and so when we hear people using the
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=133.2s word agile and scrum interchangeably
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=135.36s that is
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=135.84s that is an incorrect use of the term
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=138.16s right i mean scrum is a framework
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=140.72s that is influenced in the by and that
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=143.44s follows
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=144.4s the four values and 12 principles of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=146.72s agile
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=148.08s right maybe we should define agile real
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=150.56s quick
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=151.28s because i think that’s important too
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=152.64s because i think if you asked 12 agile
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=154.8s coaches
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=155.519s what uh agile means you’re gonna get 12
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=157.12s different answers right
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=158.879s and so so for todd and i uh i think i’ll
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=161.76s speak for todd here he’ll correct me if
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=163.44s i’m wrong uh agile really is the
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=166.72s the four values and 12 principles that
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=168.959s you find in the manifesto of agile
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=170.8s software development
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=172.239s and that is where we base our that’s
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=173.92s where we ground our definition
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=175.92s right so any framework that we would
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=178.56s classify
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=179.28s as agile would have to follow the four
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=182s values and 12 principles
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=184.08s 100 i couldn’t agree anymore yeah
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=187.84s and uh i i think that what’s interesting
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=191.04s about this
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=191.68s this whole thing is that when you hear
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=194.72s a company is doing agile or you walk in
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=196.959s just
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=197.76s and i have no contacts odds are that
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=200.4s what what you’re
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=201.28s what you were showing down there odds
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=203.12s are that there’s a there’s a mix
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=205.84s of what they’re doing right so scrum is
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=208.08s a framework and it has
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=209.599s um has 11 elements and three commitments
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=213.12s right so i guess you could argue 14
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=215.04s elements i don’t know i’m just getting
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=216.4s technical
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=217.599s but uh but oftentimes you talk with a
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=220.799s team that’s
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=221.44s doing uh scrum using scrum and there’s
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=224.08s some
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=224.48s extreme programming stuff that they’re
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=225.84s doing oh yeah there’s some devops stuff
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=227.84s that they’re doing
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=228.72s there’s some kanban stuff that they are
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=230.879s doing right and there’s a little bit of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=232.239s a blend in it
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=233.36s so i i think that um yeah uh all of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=236.08s those though
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=236.959s uh like you said uh the four values and
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=239.519s twelve principles of the agile manifesto
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=242.319s um are uh are are kind of in line with
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=244.72s with with this melting pot of practices
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=246.56s that you may see in the teams
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=248.56s right yep and so the difference is clear
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=250.879s we hope that agile
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=252.159s is the the super set and scrum is one of
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=255.12s the many things that fall beneath
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=257.12s so let’s not use those words
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=258.32s interchangeably scrum is not agile
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=260.639s agile’s not scrum wait i didn’t say that
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=262.88s right but you know what i mean
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=265.04s right they are not the same they are not
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=267.12s they’re not synonyms
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=268.24s and so uh great question really
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=270.72s appreciate that from the listener i
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=271.919s think
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=272.479s todd i think we’ve covered this yeah
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=274.32s sounds good all right let’s switch it
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=276.32s over to the end screen here talk about
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=277.919s socials real quick
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https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=304.32s comments what do you think about the
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=305.6s difference between agile and scrum
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=307.199s did we get it right did we miss
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=308.4s something let us know what you think as
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https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=316.4s that’s it for today go forward do good
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=318.479s things do some great scrum
https://youtu.be/mKbbxtgVVxI&t=320.16s and we will talk with you tomorrow