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Using Vault to Build an Ethereum Wallet


Using Vault to Build an Ethereum Wallet

Private key management is the first problem that any blockchain consumer needs to solve.

It enables you to sign and verify signatures on arbitrary data. And, of course, you can send ETH.

Vault Enterprise with HSM support is very comparable to what Gemalto and Ledger have developed

Vault Enterprise supports HSMs as a persistence mechanism for Vault keys

First, run vault

Start a Vault server in -dev mode for demonstration. Also, set the -dev-plugin-dir to ./vault/plugins which is where the vault-plugin-secrets-mock plugin is generated.

Ok, I can start with the dev mode.

docker rm dev-vault
docker run -d --rm -p 8200:8200 --cap-add=IPC_LOCK --name=dev-vault vault server -dev -dev-root-token-id=root -dev-plugin-dir=./vault/plugins