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To Be Meta Right


To be right by admitting being wrong

When wrong, we often tend to try to look like we are right after all.

when the facts change, I change my mind. what do you do, sir?

To be meta right is to admit being wrong and acknowledge that this is actually normal being wrong and adjusting one’s opinions along the way.

I think that what makes it difficult to be meta right is the social pressure, the dissonance cognitive it creates and the pain of the disappointment that you see that other people have when they realize you have been wrong.

If you try to Be Impeccable With Your Word and acknowledge you Always Do Your Best, you should feel ok being wrong (don’t blame yourself for not doing more than the best you can do) and try Not to Make Assumptions. Above all, even though you feel like people are disappointed, you cannot control this, so Don’t Take It Personally. Just acknowledge that you were wrong and remember that it is not the first time, most likely not the last one and your are not the only one being wrong from time to time.

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