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Three Fold Nature of Work


In gtd, our time is spent to either

  • doing predefined work,
  • reacting to unplanned work,
  • defining work,

When something unplanned comes to you. If predefined work is complete and you don’t have any backlog of undefined work, then you can negotiate the unplanned work much easier. It’s easier to make our priority judgement to spend time with that thing you didn’t expect. Or you can put a placeholder for that in your system and go back to whatever you where doing, because it was a priority.

The key is how efficiently and effectively you know how to process new stuff, and how functional your system is for maintaining and reviewing your inventory of commitments. Then you accept and manage the input processing as a critical component, you review the whole game frequently enough to know (in your gut) how to evaluate the surprises and unexpected work, and you have a sufficiently functional system for capturing and managing all the various rivers and streams of this complex environment, to feel at least OK about what you’re not doing. Master key to life.

https://gettingthingsdone.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Threefold.pdf ()