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Stick With It — The Science of Behavior Change


Plenty of smokers know that smoking is not healthy, say they would like to stop and still continue.

There is a misconception that being educated is enough and another misconception that being motivated is enough1.

We tend to commit to too big steps at first and feel demotivated. He suggests the notion of ladder of steps to start small2.

To me, he describes that an environment that allows behavior change follows the EAT model.

3 types of behaviors

He describes 3 types of behaviors:

Automatic behaviors (alief), stuff we do unconsciously and we would like to stop,
Burning behaviors, addictions that we do consciously and we would like to stop,
Common behaviors, stuff that we want to start doing,


The body not necessarily follows the thoughts, though the thoughts follow the body.

The brain does not teach the body, but the body teaches the brain.

Appears to be linked to rationalization:

  • you don’t feel like running,
  • you start running,
  • you feel motivated about running,
  • then, you feel like you are a runner,
  • therefore, next time is more likely like you will feel bad not running (you are a runner),

  1. biais de bonne conscience, where people feel better pretending they did their best while they could realize they blamed a straw man ↩︎

  2. looks a lot like horizons of focus ↩︎