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Soft Wars and Hard Wars


soft wars and hard wars

android vs iphone

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emacs vs vim

emacs vs vim

I tend to think that the popular « emacs vs vim » dispute is naive and sterile. Often, when I indicate I use emacs for most of my stuff, people implicitly conclude that I don’t use vim. That’s not correct, as I also use vim for other stuffs.

I think that what make a good ihm is very subjective, and people basically give their personal impression in the conversation. Because this is a debate about opinions, the only thing that can come out of a « emacs vs vim » debate is that some people use emacs for some stuff and other people use vim, that’s all. Everything else is fallacious reasoning that I believe is the result of an attempt at minimizing, due to the following cognitive dissonance:

  1. I am an advanced software developer
  2. I use the tool A
  3. hence advanced software developers use the tool A (association)
  4. my friend is supposedly an advanced software developers
  5. my friend uses the tool B