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For the amour of it - Sketchplanations

Pound cost averaging - Sketchplanations

Dollar-Cost Averaging

The Fundamental Attribution Error - Sketchplanations

fundamental attribution error

RAS Syndrome - Sketchplanations

see JWT token

normalisation of deviance

precision bias, availability bias, cognitive ease, mere-exposure effect

things get more complex before they get simple

effet dunning-kruger,

Addiction: an alternative definition - Sketchplanations

Framing - Sketchplanations

The Stroop test - Sketchplanations

The Barnum effect

The Lake Wobegon Effect

Overnight success

Quotiquette: The etiquette of quoting

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Teleporter

The frequency illusion: we notice what’s top of mind

The IKEA effect

Information radiator

Mapping emotions.

The prisoner’s dilemma

A release strategy for happier customers, sooner

Why we sometimes walk in circles

The peak-end rule

The Gartner Hype cycle

How to remember if you did something by doing something unusual as you do it

singularity effect (sketchplanation)

psychic numbing (sketchplanation)

The Shirky Principle

The Streisand Effect


What’s the difference between a crocodile and an alligator

Chihuahua syndrome


The misattribution of arousal

2 factor authentication

The doorstep mile

The Implicit Association Test

Marchetti’s constant

Proportionality bias

Accuracy and precision

The availability heuristic (and bias)

The coastline paradox

Fruit vs vegetable

The Egg Float Test

The trust battery: A handy metaphor to think about trust

The overview effect

Weather and climate: an analogy

The tragedy of the commons

The Droste effect

The dangers of just this once

Open bananas like a monkey

anchoring (sketchplanation)

Laws of expansion

Cognitive bias, heuristic, logical fallacy: hidden features of the mind


third teacher

the Effect Effect

Goldilocks tasks

Match challenge with skills for Flow at work

What drives us: autonomy, mastery, purpose (motivation)

Self-serving bias

Campbell’s law

Ordering adjectives

5 Ways to Wellbeing




You get what you measure

The Bystander Effect

The spectrum policy


The paradox of choice

The isolation effect

Climate anxiety

The blind and the elephant

Stages of competence framework

Listen with passion

Be open to be changed

The rule of 7

The front page test

Yak shaving

Context is king

Push authority to information

sampling bias

By monkeys

The curb-cut effect

Continuous partial attention

When drinking tea, just drink tea

Smaller plates help you eat less

The Swiss Cheese Model

The dilution effect

Replicate then innovate

Looking under the lamppost

Leading and lagging metrics

rhyme as reason effect

don’t fill the silence

Correlation is not causation

types of checklists: Read-Do, Do-Confirm

accountability ladder


Chaos monkey

tyranny of small decisions

The Abilene paradox

Narrative bias


Extrinsic motivation

Fungible - non-fungible

Happy talk must die

black swan events

A mistake

The Firehouse Effect

The Lucretius problem

Veblen goods

sketchplanations Groupthink

Sharpen the saw

Bus factor

A common orb spider web

Acronyms and initialisms

Challenge questions

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion

Yesterday’s weather

present bias (sketchplanations)

Cake wreck

Attribution bias - sketchplanations

Pyrrhic victory - victory nearly as costly as defeat

Hotel HQ - never lose trick of your stuff again - Sketchplanations

Fortnightly vs biweekly

Hofstadter’s Law

Don’t let your thinking be limited by your tools

Beware of local optimisation

Non-stacking Tupperware should be destroyed

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