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Overnight success - Sketchplanations

survivorship bias, peak-end rule

Quotiquette: The etiquette of quoting - Sketchplanations

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Teleporter

philosophie de la morale, identité personnelle,

The frequency illusion: we notice what’s top of mind - Sketchplanations

availability bias

The IKEA effect - Sketchplanations

Information radiator - Sketchplanations

Mapping emotions. - Sketchplanations

The prisoner’s dilemma - Sketchplanations

dilemme du prisonnier

A release strategy for happier customers, sooner - Sketchplanations

agile methods, increment (scrum)

Why we sometimes walk in circles - Sketchplanations

The peak-end rule - Sketchplanations

peak-end rule

The Gartner Hype cycle - Sketchplanations

How to remember if you did something by doing something unusual as you do it - Sketchplanations

The singularity effect - Sketchplanations

our moral intuitions are diluted in the number of people

Psychic numbing - Sketchplanations

The singularity effect - Sketchplanations,

our moral intuitions are diluted in the number of people

The Shirky Principle - Sketchplanations

The Streisand Effect - Sketchplanations

Streisand effect

9-Enders - Sketchplanations

What’s the difference between a crocodile and an alligator - Sketchplanations

Chihuahua syndrome - Sketchplanations

OODA Loop - Sketchplanations

continuous improvement,

The misattribution of arousal - Sketchplanations

cognitive bias

2 factor authentication - Sketchplanations


The doorstep mile - Sketchplanations

start small

The Implicit Association Test - Sketchplanations

Implicit Association Test

Marchetti’s constant - Sketchplanations

Proportionality bias - Sketchplanations

cognitive bias

Accuracy and precision - Sketchplanations

The availability heuristic (and bias) - Sketchplanations

availability bias, availability heuristic

The coastline paradox - Sketchplanations


Fruit vs vegetable - Sketchplanations

fruits vs légumes (vs féculent)

The Egg Float Test - Sketchplanations

consommation des œufsh

The trust battery: A handy metaphor to think about trust - Sketchplanations

The overview effect - Sketchplanations

view from above

Weather and climate: an analogy - Sketchplanations


The tragedy of the commons - Sketchplanations

tragedy of the commons

The Droste effect - Sketchplanations

The dangers of just this once - Sketchplanations

Open bananas like a monkey - Sketchplanations

Anchoring - Sketchplanations


Laws of expansion - Sketchplanations

Cognitive bias, heuristic, logical fallacy: hidden features of the mind - Sketchplanations

cognitive bias, heuristic, logical fallacy, system 1/2

Gaslighting - Sketchplanations

conformisme, availability bias

The third teacher - Sketchplanations

Makes me think about guided serendipity in the sense that creating the appropriate environment to learn new things is important to me.

The Effect Effect - Sketchplanations

Goldilocks tasks - Sketchplanations


Match challenge with skills for Flow at work - Sketchplanations


What drives us: autonomy, mastery, purpose - Sketchplanations (motivation)

carrot and stick motivation

Self-serving bias - Sketchplanations

self service bias

Campbell’s law - Sketchplanations

Application of the Goodhart’s law with unintended consequences

Ordering adjectives - Sketchplanations

5 Ways to Wellbeing - Sketchplanations

do your best

Chindogu - Sketchplanations

not related, but makes me think of the useless box and the ignobel prize

Schadenfreude - Sketchplanations

Flow - Sketchplanations


You get what you measure - Sketchplanations

measure-objective inversion, covera

The Bystander Effect - Sketchplanations

bystander effect

The spectrum policy - Sketchplanations

black or white fallacy

Wishcycling - Sketchplanations

do your best, feeling good bias

The paradox of choice - Sketchplanations

analysis paralysis, hedonic test

The isolation effect - Sketchplanations


Climate anxiety - Sketchplanations

émotion -> action

The blind and the elephant - Sketchplanations


Stages of competence framework - Sketchplanations

four stages of competence

Listen with passion - Sketchplanations

Be open to be changed - Sketchplanations

open minded

The rule of 7 - Sketchplanations

cognitive bias

The front page test - Sketchplanations

are you living up to your values

Yak shaving - Sketchplanations

yak shaving

Context is king - Sketchplanations

covera, illusion d’optique

Push authority to information - Sketchplanations

sampling bias

By monkeys - Sketchplanations

The curb-cut effect - Sketchplanations

when we design to benefit disadvantaged or vulnerable groups we end up helping society as a whole.


Continuous partial attention - Sketchplanations

contrary to 100% focused

When drinking tea, just drink tea - Sketchplanations

100% focused

Smaller plates help you eat less - Sketchplanations

The Swiss Cheese Model - Sketchplanations

The dilution effect - Sketchplanations

Replicate then innovate - Sketchplanations

pourquoi copier c’est bien ?

Looking under the lamppost - Sketchplanations

biais de confirmation, feeling good bias

Leading and lagging metrics - Sketchplanations

objectif instrumental vs objectif final

measure-objective inversion, intellectual honesty

rhyme as reason effect

cognitive bias

don’t fill the silence

Correlation is not causation - Sketchplanations

types of checklists: Read-Do, Do-Confirm

trigger list vs check list

accountability ladder

be clear about your commitments


Chaos monkey - Sketchplanations

chaos monkey

tyranny of small decisions

challenge we face when many individual decisions, when taken together, result in an outcome that is suboptimal or that the group as a whole doesn’t want.


Similar ideas to the tyranny of small decisions include the tragedy of the commons, the Abilene paradox, and local optimisation.


The Abilene paradox - Sketchplanations


Also see: groupthink, the bandwagon effect


Narrative bias - Sketchplanations

cognitive bias, narrative bias

Stories feel better than randomness — even when randomness may be the truth


Because - Sketchplanations

Extrinsic motivation - Sketchplanations

Fungible - non-fungible - Sketchplanations


Happy talk must die - Sketchplanations

fluff and often self-congratulatory promotional talk usually intended to be friendly but generally just getting in the way of people trying to get a job done.


black swan events

unprecedented, unexpected, rare, and with a significant impact


A mistake - Sketchplanations

A mistake is not something to be determined after the fact, but in the light of information until that point


The Firehouse Effect - Sketchplanations

start to believe in things that would seem crazy to the wider population


The Lucretius problem - Sketchplanations

tendency to believe that the worst possible thing that can happen is the worst possible thing we know has happened


Veblen goods

sketchplanations Groupthink

Sharpen the saw

Bus factor

A common orb spider web

Acronyms and initialisms

Challenge questions

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion

Yesterday’s weather

Present bias

Cake wreck

Attribution bias - sketchplanations

Pyrrhic victory - victory nearly as costly as defeat

Hotel HQ - never lose trick of your stuff again - Sketchplanations

Fortnightly vs biweekly

Hofstadter’s Law

Don’t let your thinking be limited by your tools

Beware of local optimisation

Non-stacking Tupperware should be destroyed

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