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Tokens are said to be semi-fungible when there exists several sub categories indistinguishable (then not fungible) but inside each category the values are fungible.

For example, imagine you have collection cards, with 100 cards of A, 50 cards of B and 10 cards of C. Then:

  • you can distinguish the concepts A, B and C, so we say this is a kind of not-fungibility,
  • you cannot distinguish between two cards of A, so A is in itself not fungible,

Actually, with such a definition, all the cryptocurrency are semi-fungible. Indeed, substitute in the above A by bitcoin and B by ethereum, then you get

Actually, any fungible concept could be considered as semi-fungible, provided you compare it to another fungible concept.

In that sense, I decided to believe that semi-fungible is not a meaningful concept and conversations should avoid this term. They should instead precise the concept, is it subsumption, multi-token, …?

[2021-05-21 Fri] Attempt at making piece with semi-fungibility and multi-token

I believed that semi-fungibility was kind of some useless buzz word, but some one came to me with a definition that actually made sense.

semi-fungibility could be the property of something that is used indistinguishably, while still being distinguishable in need be. For instance, banknote are used indistinguishably, but each one has an identity.

multi-token, on the other hand, could be the property of a smartcontract to deal with either fungible token or non-fungible token.

That definition totally makes sense and gives substance to the term of semi-fungibility.

I don’t know, though, whether it is used in real life with the shitty meaning or the meaningful one.

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