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Semi Automated System


System that need few manual stuffs to be done, but so low in energy that you don’t actually feel the need to automate them (YAGNI, feel confident not doing what you are not doing, EAST).

  • On the one hand, there is the fully manual system, that needs you to focus a lot on the system itself and too few about what you actually are wanting to have done.
  • On the other hand, there is the fully automated system, that you never see or run. It needs to setup several complicated stuffs, like monitoring, alerting. Is asks complicated questions, like “How would I know, when my monitoring/alterting system is broken?”, “Should I monitor my monitoring system?”.

I’d rather have an hybrid system for my personal stuff. It should have all the behavior written down, so that I just have to call it when need be. Running the tool and seeing it working is my substitute for setting up a monitoring/alerting system that a fully automated system would require.

Thinking about running the tool when it is appropriate is already taken care of by my trusted system. The point is to have the scripts at hand when you have to run them and only have to call them without thinking much so that you are still on cruise control when you run them.

Of course, this is likely to only makes sense for personal stuff.

differences between a semi automated system and a fully automated system

Using a semi automatized system, my brain is still the only decision center. This contrasts with the fully automated system that takes its own decisions and with which you need to synchronize. In a semi automated system, my brain is the spof. The system is like another organ of my body, fully controlled by my brain. In a fully automated system, the system is more like a servant that needs to be checked upon. The semi automated system will stop working if I stop using it, while the fully automated system will go on. The semi automated system has healing mechanisms (backups), but those won’t work when it is disconnected from my brain. A fully automated system is self healing.

I’d rather do some stuff manually than taking very long automating them. It is a subtle balance to keep between the time to gain and the time lost in gaining the time.

I rely on my intuition and know that it is biased.

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