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self sovereign-ed identity, OpenID Connect

Nevertheless, it can be used to provide attribute based authentication.

openid connect is a user identity attribute disclosure protocol rather than an authentication protocol

Here, Nat Sakimura says that openid connect is often confused with authentication while it is rather a user identity attribute disclosure protocol. see misconcetions

identity is a set of claims about a person with regards to another entity.

identity is not unique to the user

You provide a different set of claim when sharing them to your boss and when sharing them with your family.

It is not an identifier that is unique.

I’ll start with the easy part


In a community, it’s defined as a set of claims related to en entity

I generally, there are many identities per entity.

Here, you need to remember two things

  1. there are many mapping to an entity in general, a lot of people mistakenly thing that there is only one identity per entity. That is false.
  2. conflict identity and identifier. Identifier is a label that uniquely identifies the identity in a set of identities. So please be careful not to conflict them.

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