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Second Brain vs Wiki


braindump vs wiki

To me, the difference is the same as the one between collaborative and personal tools.

  1. a wiki is a collaborative note taking tool aimed at storing exhaustive and objective linked information,
  2. a braindump is a personal note taking tool aimed at storing only information that matter for the note taker and intentionally written with per subjective way of thinking,
  1. a wiki is meant to be read by other people and should provide information that does not depend on the opinions of the note taker,
  2. a braindump must be tainted by the note taker opinion,

Both aim at minimizing the cognitive load of the reader, but

  1. a wiki must take into account that reader and writers are different persons
  2. a braindump must take into account that reader and writers are the same person

But, when you want to create an evergreen note in your braindump, it helps a lot to phrase it as if you explained the concept to another person. Then I believe that evergreen notes are not far from wiki pages. In a sense, we could tell that a braindump may look like a wiki, but with all the transiant notes available that show the progress of your thinking.

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