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Scrum Mum


A scrum antipattern where the scrum master makes structural decisions on behalf of the whole team. Generally because per has more experience and knows what did work for per and what did not.

Doing so, per does not help the team learn and spoon feed them with solution without helping them to understand what it feels like to have the problem. Also, people will have cognitive resistance against the suggested changes, felt as compulsory and deontological rather than consequentialist.

The scrum master should help the team evolve step by step using small iterations/consolidation.

Being a scrum master needs a form of libertarian paternalism, where the scrum master could nudge the team to go in the good direction (guided experimentation).

But, by all means, if the team decides to take actions, provided that they don’t contradict the scrum guide, the scrum master should not prevent this action. The reason that “I tried and it did not work” not only is not valid (levels of proof, a single experience does not make a proof).

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