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Roam Research: Why I Love It and How I Use It - Nat Eliason


[2021-01-25 Mon 07:54]

Tiago’s definition of “Areas of Focus,” sections of your life that you don’t “complete,” but rather continue to devote mental energy to:

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:37]

Each note has relationships to other notes, but no note lives inside another note or notebook. All of the information is fluid in the sense that you flow between notes based on their relationships, not because they’re all in the same folder or hierarchy

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:38]

also highlights a big difference between Roam and other note taking tools: tags are both everything and nothing. Every page is a tag, and every tag is a page

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:38]

easy to move laterally across your information, while retaining vertical references.

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:39]

When everything can be everywhere, you don’t have to worry about the filing structure. You just keep adding links.

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:39]

easy it is to add links and spin up new pages

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:41]

This is another area where Roam really stands out from Evernote and Notion. Have you tried to link to another page in either of them? It’s a nightmare of right clicks or slash commands, it takes way too long. In Roam it’s so seamless that you can do it without interrupting your typing flow

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:41]

automatic bidirectional reference you get when you create one of these links.

[2021-01-22 Fri 08:13]

completely change how you interact with information

[2021-01-22 Fri 08:18]

three pillars of BASB: Capturing, Connecting, and Creating