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Raspberry Pi SD Card


SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards are the best choice for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking to maximize their device’s overall performance. This reliable, high-performance card is designed to offer blazing-fast read and write speeds without compromising on storage capacity. With its superior Class 10 UHS-I, U3 card speed rating, the SanDisk Extreme Pro provides an excellent balance between speed and affordability.


The 16GB A1 Sandisk are my preferred consumer cards for Linux use.


have Sandisk A1 class cards in all my Pi’s for years and simply never see failures or corruption


In a hurry? Here are the 3 best SD cards for Raspberry Pi

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro – Best overall, and the fastest
  • SanDisk Ultra – Best for the price
  • SanDisk Extreme – Best large SD card (up to 1 TB)


highly recommend buying only Class 10 SD cards


short, there’s three criteria to take in consideration while buying a SD card:

Filter by size, it’s the easiest thing to do. Check 32 GB SD card for basic projects, or more depending on your needs and budget. Then keep only the “Class 10” results. Most SD cards are now labelled as Class 10, but it prevents you from making a mistake by looking only at the price. And finally the price is also important for most of us. Except for those who are looking for the best performance, the price will be decent criteria to take in consideration.