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Python's Class Development Toolkit

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Python’s Class Development Toolkit - YouTube

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00:37:15.260 the purpose of the
00:37:17.600 double underscore is what we call a
00:37:19.310 class local reference we are making sure
00:37:21.980 that self actually refers to you most of
00:37:24.740 the time self means you or your children
00:37:26.300 but occasionally you need it to be you
00:37:28.130 people will mistakenly represent this is
00:37:30.380 the way to make things private in Python
00:37:32.060 spy thought about privacy now it’s a
00:37:34.460 consenting adult language we don’t leave
00:37:36.110 the locks on the door the intention of
00:37:38.750 the double underscores was not about
00:37:40.250 privacy the intention was to use it
00:37:42.710 exactly like this it’s actually the
00:37:44.870 opposite of privacy is all about freedom
00:37:47.000 it makes your subclasses free to
00:37:49.220 override any one method without breaking
00:37:51.200 the others

from – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTLu2DFOdTg