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Proof of Stake


proof of stake

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https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3636.69s does that mean that the richer you are
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3640.819s so rich people are more like their
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3646.95s identities more right and this stable
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3650.75s yeah verifiable or whatever whatever the
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3653.789s right terminology is right and this is
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3655.95s definitely a copied critique I think my
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3658.2s usual answer to this is that like proof
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3661.109s of work is even more of that kind of
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3662.64s thing exactly yeah I didn’t mean it
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3664.859s investing there’s a criticism I think
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3666.51s you’re exactly right that’s equivalent
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3667.859s the proof of work is the same
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3669.64s kind of thing but before work you have
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3673.059s to also use physical resources yes and
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3676.359s burn computers and burn trees and all of
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3678.339s that stuff is there a way to mess with
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3681.67s the system of the proof of proof of
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3683.92s stake there is but you will once again
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3686.319s need to have a very large portion of all
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3689.23s the coins that are locked in the system
https://youtu.be/3x1b_S6Qp2Q&t=3690.73s to do anything bad

Vitalik Buterin

Proof-of-stake means that participants in the consensus algorithm are chosen in function of their stake (the amount of tokens a participant has).


delegates’ rights are selected at random based on their stake


Tezos works with sets of tokens which are called rolls.


ensure that participants do not adaptively chose their nonces and therefore that the seed is not easily biased, participants in the protocol use a ‘’commit and reveal’’ scheme: in the previous cycle, they first commit to nonces and they only reveal their committed nonces later, in the current cycle.


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