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Productivity System and Stoicism


I feel like people tend to look for productivity system as if it will fix their issues. To me, a productivity system, such as gtd or scrum, provides a framework to see the issues and acknowledge them. And you will be able to fix them only when you will be able to really acknowledge them.

I think that those people want to avoid the unpleasant feeling that comes with acknowledging the issue. It may be even more difficult as it may trigger cognitive dissonance (I am a sensible person, I could not fall into that issue, I don’t need a system to show me this).

To me, it looks like stoicism, in the sense that it needs you not to lie to yourselves, to see things the way they are, avoid feeling unnecessary unpleasant feeling and move forward the direction you choose.

It also needs some amount of modesty and put aside the pride of believe your brain can handle it and delegate the issue presentation work to the system.