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Printing a Simple Triangle, Not That Easy After All


tag: learning 3D printing

That should be easy enough. Right?



This is the result

Is the nozzle clogged?

I use cleaning filament and brushed the nozzle head, without much success.

Actually, this happened after updating cura. It asked me to reconfigure the printer. Did I forget something, like setting the extrusion multiplier? I tried increasing the multiplier to 110%. The quality increased, but the print was still not good enough.

Do I take advantage of this situation to try another slicer, like slic3r or prusaslicer?

I got to this task a few month later.

First, I totally cleaned the nozzle. I tried running the initial rocket model and it was quite nice.

Then I used slic3r and the triangle was also very nice but now the top layer is really bad.

I tried,

  1. increasing the extrusion multiplier,
  2. increasing the top layer number of layers (up to 5),
  3. increasing the temperature,

I then realized then that the infill did not stick with the wall. May be slicer is a bit too fast for my printer. Most likely fixed by this.

I also realized the triangle edges where too sharps. I could bevel it using the weight mode and adjusting the weight of the edges, as suggested in




I could not find a way to have a nice upper layer, without small holes.

I tried

  • increasing the infill/perimeter overlap,
  • increasing the temperature,
  • lowering the top solid layer speed,
  • changing of filament,
  • increasing the extrusion width,
  • tightening the belt,

Some of those mitigate the issue but don’t fix it.

Also, the issue always takes place at the same location, while nothing is wrong in the gcode. I assume my printer is just not good enough. Or the filaments are all pretty old and wet and of low quality.

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