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Practicing a Method: Formal Description or Mystical Thoughts


When you claim you practice a method, you can:

  • either read a formal description that tells ALL the properties that practicing the method implies,
  • or you learned it from someone that learned it from someone else you continue a link oral tradition,

When defined formally, a method says all the conditions to practice it. That means that practicing the method is doing all of them. Therefore, failing to doing any of them means you don’t practice the method. At least you can tell you are learning.

To me, there are methods that are meant to be more traditionally learned, others that provide a formal document.

An instance of the former is kung-fu. I practiced it for a few years and I’m pretty sure that what I learned, although it should shares similarities with others schools of kung-fu, is mostly different.

A also practiced shotokan karate, that appears to have more codes and a more formal definition1, but shows also differences in the ways of doing.

Notes linking here

  1. I would not believe a karate black belt not to know about Heyan Shodan for instance, ↩︎