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Phone Stand


Very disappointed. Parts fall apart and do not clip correctly. May be it is due to the low quality of my labists x1 mini printer.

Flat-fold Flippin’ Phone Stand by alvinhochun - Thingiverse

  • base


  • backplate


  • hook (with support)


  • hook (without support)


  • stand


1x Backplate 1x Base 2x Hook 1x Stand


Print Instructions:

Print with no support.

The backplate and hook models already contains custom brim and support for easier printing, but you can choose to print the models without them. Do note that even though cleaning up the support is kind of a PITA, printing without may be even more troublesome.

The recommended layer height is 0.1mm with 0.2mm first layer.

If you use an extra brim, make sure to clean up the brim around the hinge axles.

Cut away the brim and support, and sand if necessary.

Assemble the stand. Do note that there is a flat position on the hinges which allows easier insertion at a certain angle. Use your hand to feel the hinge to decide the insertion angle. Refer to the instruction image.

Flip and place phone on it. :)


Notes linking here