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Org-Roam Makes Difficult Having Twice the Same Note


Before org-roam, I filled a notes.org file with a lot of entries. I recently moved those entries to org-roam and found out there were several duplicated entries, written at different time, when I had forgotten the previous entries.

Actually I also spontaneously wrote org-roam notes that basically were duplicates of some old ones in notes.org.

What is good with org-roam, and I already experienced this a few time already, is that when I write a duplicated note, I tend to use the same wording for the title. Then org-roam suggests the old entry and then I realize it exists before I even write it again. For instance, I recently wanted to write the definition of security token to find out I already did.

There are likely several duplicate entries in my braindump, particularly about gtd, but org-roam helps a lot mitigating this.

Another example that happened was that I wrote a note, without finding a duplicate, then I connected it to close concepts and, looking at those concepts, I saw the same content with a different wording.

I think this is very close to the idea of a conversation partner.

Its rediscovery depends on accidents and on the vagary that this rediscovery means something at the time it is found.