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npm nodejs package manager


The process of locating dependencies.

Dependencies may sometimes be hoisted in special locations to avoid unnecessary copies.

version syntax

See semver for more details about specifying version ranges.

  • version Must match version exactly
  • >version Must be greater than version
  • >=version etc
  • <version
  • <=version
  • ~version “Approximately equivalent to version” See semver
  • ^version “Compatible with version” See semver
  • 1.2.x 1.2.0, 1.2.1, etc., but not 1.3.0
  • http://… See ‘URLs as Dependencies’ below
  • * Matches any version
  • "" (just an empty string) Same as *
  • version1 - version2 Same as >=version1 <=version2.
  • range1 || range2 Passes if either range1 or range2 are satisfied.
  • git… See ‘Git URLs as Dependencies’ below
  • user/repo See ‘GitHub URLs’ below
  • tag A specific version tagged and published as tag See npm dist-tag
  • path/path/path See Local Paths below


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