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My Stack


I kind of am very proud of my stack. The whole thing run on 3 raspberry pi 3B+ and an old laptop (bought in 2008).

  • orchestration with nomad,
  • file system with ipfs,
  • clustering of ipfs with ipfscontroler,
  • RPO : 4 hours (thanks to regular backups)
    • my scripts that import important data trigger a backup on the fly, so the RPO for those data is reduced to the time of the backup, about 10 minutes per GB.
  • RTO : half a day, see ma stack permet une disponibilit√© moyenne,
  • using manual chaos monkey,
    • unplugging from time to time a hard drive and erasing all of its content to simulate a need for changing one,
    • getting one raspberry pi out of the network for some time and resetting it to simulate a need for changing one

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