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Logical Fallacy


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Argument that sounds logical but is false.


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https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=96.192s To be precise, equivocation occurs when the same word is used
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=100.235s to express different meanings through out an argument.
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=103.543s The arguer is committing a fallacy, because he or she
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=106.49s uses the word as if that word have the same meaning,
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=110.389s and so the argument would appear to be valid,
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=112.996s even though it actually is not.

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https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=115.119s Equivocation results from ambiguities in language.
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=118.179s Since many words can have more than one meaning, we need to be cautious
https://youtu.be/bmIqWT7qMj4&t=121.717s that key terms are not shifting meaning during the course of an argument.

formal and informal fallacies

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sophisme vs paralogisme

On l’emploi pour dire paralogisme, sans pour autant mentionner d’intention de manipulation.

Je préfère distinguer sophisme et paralogisme

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