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Lineage Os on Zte Blade S6


udev rules to plug new android device

zte blade s6

Could not find the OEM unlock setting in the developer settings.

Did a factory reset, but nothing changed,

something to try -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-unbrick-and-flash-official-rom-in-edl-on-linux.4177793/

Somehow, I need to boot into FTM mode.

But actually I don’t need it, I need to boot into EDL Mode, so that I can flash a secondary bootloader that is unlocked.

I need a Qualcomm USB flashing tool1 and the firmware.

There are plenty of site sharing firmware, but no one was official as far as I can understand.

I will use the one from https://ztefirmware.com/zte-blade-s62.


There are two firmwares. I will try the latest first.



There is an open source version of Qualcomm Android Device flashing tool -> https://github.com/andersson/qdl