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Is It Ok to Ignore the Scrum Guide?


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An episode of the agile for humans youtube channel

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https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=65.6s absolutely yes it’s okay to ignore the
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=67.84s scrum guide you don’t have to do scrum
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=69.28s at all
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=69.84s and it’s not going to be the best
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=71.439s solution any
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=73.36s as far as like all the time no it’s not
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=76.08s going to be
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=76.88s the perfect thing to in fact in a
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=78.32s complex domain of work there are no best
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=80s practices
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=80.96s sometimes we have to experiment inspect
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=82.72s and adapt and if you decide
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=85.36s um to change something about the
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=87.2s framework and it still
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=88.72s you’re able to deliver value and your
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=90.4s customers happy and it’s high quality
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=92.159s and your teams are healthy and happy and
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=94.4s then you’re doing better than most of
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=95.759s the world and go forward
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=97.52s do good things right we we’re with you

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https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=133.44s if you start taking
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=136.72s things out
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=137.52s then just don’t call it scrum uh and you
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=140s know that’s totally
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=141.2s fine that’s totally fine to do just
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=144.08s don’t just don’t call it that
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=145.44s uh but that’s really my only ask right i
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=147.84s like terminology matters
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=149.52s right yeah it just becomes something
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=151.599s different and different can be better it
https://youtu.be/8e5r2Up7NBk&t=153.68s can be worse

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story points aren’t scrum

Also, from the scrum guide

implementing only parts of Scrum is possible, the result is not Scrum.


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