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Introduction to Stoicism - The Art of Manliness


It is said that the goal of stoicism is to reach tranquility.

To me, it sounds like read this book and sleep like a log.

It is described the dichotomy of control.

It is said that stoicism acknowledge emotion, pleasant and unpleasant. It is said that it suggests to focus on having pleasant emotions, but allow unpleasant emotions to come when need be, like when grieving. It is suggested though that you should keep some limits about this unpleasant emotion and try to decide at some point to stop feeling it.

It is suggested to practice negative visualisation.

It is given the example of the tennis match

Be fatalist about the past and the present, stuff that you cannot control, but be optimist on the future and do the best you can.

Sometimes, get out of your comfort zone to adapt and increase your comfort zone and increase the chances of feeling pleasant emotions. In winter, try putting a layer less of clothes to slightly feel the cold1

don’t blame yourself for not doing more than the best you can do

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  1. it makes me think of mithridatisation↩︎